Spring has sprung! Get the latest tips (our interviews on TV and radio).

Spring has sprung! Get the latest tips (our interviews on TV and radio).

With the advent of spring, our own Jim Carlton did several TV and radio appearances on behalf of Dandy. Here is a written version of the interviews.

What are the latest trends in colors when it comes to gardening this season?

Trends this season are for Unconventional Blues: robins egg blue, teal, and even lavender; the pinks are big this season: bold, fiery magenta to soft pastel pink; and some outliers: blood orange and green. The palette is quite wide and any garden will benefit from a splash or two of color.

And what are we commonly seeing in regards to plants, flowers, and trees this season?

Waterwise! People are Xeriscaping – that is, using local species of plants to be sure that they use appropriate amounts of water and tolerate the heat. This is yielding better gardens that are much more suited to the climate wherever you are. Regardless of where you live, being waterwise is a really good thing.

How can our viewers/listeners make the most of their gardening space?

Great question! First, I think they should start small. Maybe begin with a raised planter bed or two. No reason to tackle the entire yard! Next, they should really mix things up… don’t plant one flower or one vegetable—its great idea to use a wide variety. They should think multipurpose. Plus, going broad in what you plant enables your garden to produce flowers or fruits or vegetables all season long. Finally, I think the garden should be a place where they go to relax, kind of a ‘kick-back and chill’ space. A focal point – whether it is a trellis, a tree, or a gazing globe – can really make your garden into a zen sanctuary.

Gardening can often times be time consuming – what is the latest in time saving devices when it comes to maintaining a beautiful outdoor space?

People are tired of weeding and we have two robots that do the weeding for you. First, we have Tertill. It a small, solar powered robot that weeds your garden or vegetable patch. Then we have a robot that weeds your lawn! In fact, it is the world’s first lawn weeding robot and it is from dandy technology. It travels the lawn on a predetermined route, spraying weeds with a small amount of herbicide – even all organic herbicide! This make is safe for you, your family, and even your pets!

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