We did CES!

A few of us from Dandy went to this year's CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to show off our soon-to-ship Dandy DT-01 and DT-01XL! We had a display in the Smart Home portion of the Venetian Expo Hall. It was great fun to meet hundreds of people, talk to dozens of media, and even get in a bit of gambling.

Users from everywhere got a chance to see the robot in action, with the Dandy DT-01 working on an 8' x 8' artificial lawn, complete with weeds. While we were running in random-bounce mode it was still an impressive sight. The robot was able to successfully identify all the weeds! In actual use, those weeds wouldn't stand a chance.

We also showed a very early prototype of our upcoming commercial robot, the Dandy DTC-101. We weren't running it, but it was still great to see a prototype of the robot on the floor of CES. It definitely raised some eyebrows with what we are planning for it. Equipped with LiDAR and sonar, an LED light bar, 3 cameras and 3 nozzles, as well as a 5-gallon tank, the prototype looked every bit the part of a commercial robot. (These aren't the final specs, just a prototype for now... we may change the whole thing.)

We're getting ready to do several more shows. Stay tuned for the details!

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